Montàurea S.L. manufactures and markets equipment for processes involving bulk solid handling, in both powder and granule form.

Our equipment catalogue includes lifting gear and mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems: both in the dilute and dense phase. Volumetric and gravimetric dosing equipment for both powder and granules. Valves and rotary valves for dosing, interception and diversion, pneumatic and gravity conveyor lines. Large capacity silos made of stainless steel, iron, fabric, and assembled on the site. Special extraction equipment for silos and hoppers, for all types of product (wood chips, biomass, shredded tyres, etc.). Handling of big bags for loading and unloading. Filters for silos and static silos. Mixers of the plough, belt, vertical axis and double axis type. Miscellaneous components for silos and facilities. Special high-performance fluidization systems with guaranteed efficiency.

We propose what really works and provide you with a solution to your problem and not merely what we have at the time.

Our corporate philosophy is based on customer service, with regard to both spare parts and our post-sales service.

The concept of service consists of providing the opportunity to enjoy the entire range of benefits and advantages in relation to our machinery, equipment and services, all of which guarantee total robustness and compatibility, simple operating management, extremely low operating and maintenance costs, and provide state-of-the-art technology for each individual requirement in the sector and process.

All our departments and human resources will be placed at your disposal to deal with any inquiries or questions you might have.